Saturday, June 11, 2005

this site has heaps of info on opals and the opal life. My bookzine "Fire in a Plain Brown Wrapper the Gem Magic of Queensland Opal" will be available for sale inabout a week and a half. It has consumed my blog writing time. Clear writing and acommpanying photos of opals explains the types and variations of Queensland ironstone opals.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Several Types of Matrix with Opal

the Lightning Ridge NSW Australia variety is a highly silicified porcelin type that also comes kinda grungy meaning porous and the cutters get rid of it as it often pulls an opal into cracking with its porousness causing a drying out. The matrix from Andamooka is porous also and carries opal ( a leseer grade) the porosity allows the treatment with sugar and acid to make carbon molecules fill the pores creating "black matrix opal". The Queensland variety is an ironstone (ferrugenous sandstone) that acts as a host rock with speckles, veins, and pools and sheets of opal intermingling with the ironstone hence the name Ironstone Matrix Opal.Going on the road to sell some opal will not blog for a week.