Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prospectors 3 Men and a Mule

Click on the above to get to an amazing blog that found me. In an earlier post I had referred to Don Pablo, long passed on now. Emmett Dwyer who has a copyright on this photo contacted me. he is writing his blog as a novel and it needs to be read from the oldest post backwards to get the gist of it.
What better way to comment on today's world with its wonders of the West and its problems as history is being made than to have some old desert rats prospecting and observing and commenting from their and Emmett's perspective? I love this blog.
My own father spent time hanging out with Don Pablo in 1956 and 57 down Phoenix way. Check out my Tuesday, January 08, 2008 blog titledMayer, AZ Big Bug Station has a New Website! It covers my Big Bug Station meeting of "Margaret with the Irish Brogue" who was Don Pablo's nurse during a hospital stay he had once.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mayer, AZ Time Travel Big Bug Station Style

Are those old wooden doors into Big Bug Station a time portal or what? I was hunkered down on the stool and sippin’ one of Mike Connors’ hot cold pressed coffees, when in walks a dude that had seven foot tall charisma made up of tall bull rider type of cowboy hat and an ankle length slicker in the Aussie drysabone tradition with buttoned capelet over the back. He looked so tall and soooo silent as he seemed to stalk into the room and just absorbed the feel of the place. He probably thought that he had stepped back in time if he was of this time. I know, I know, I have an overactive imagination but he really seemed more to have stepped Out of the past rather than into as most of us here at Big Bug Station feel. The old dance hall/gathering place has that sort of fell to it. Guess the tall silent stranger spoke to someone a bit. Enough to find out he is from the East Indies or was it the West Indies? Anyway that and he is a Zen Master. Whoa! I told you we meet truly interesting locals here at The Big Bug Station. This one usually hangs his cowboy hat in the Cottonwood, Cornville area. Hope he comes back. I think he would have a tale or two to share.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Suspicious Minds in Mayer, AZ Big Bug Station

I'm not at Mayer, AZ for few days so ate some bar b que chicken breasts my son fixed for me last night in Phoenix. Holy Cow or should I say Holy Chicken.!! What BIG breasts. What are they doing to our chickens or as Australians say "chooks". The breasts were huge enough I think we need to call it Churkey breasts or Turken breasts. What are they doing to our poultry? Hmmm very suspicious but there ya go, suspicious minds tend to hang out at Big Bug Station in Mayer, AZ.