Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Rip in the Fabric of My Life

I am the older one. I thought I would pass first. But instead my best friend, my little sister, and always my giver of absolution and absolute love is gone before me. She would want me to get on with my adventures but who now will I tell my most secret fearful thoughts, sacriligious ponderings, outlandish dreams, and prideful triumphs to? We shared childhood memories that now are mine alone. I must tell her children of the pranks, the dramas, the fun, and the love that helped shape the women we two sisters became. Lately, I feel her gently but firmly urging me to get back to the pleasures of living. So, sigh, since I always listened to her advice more than she ever listened to mine, I'm back punching my way out of the gloom of loss and jumping back into living life once more.