Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carver in Mayer, AZ

The Tagua Nut is commonly known as "vegetable ivory." So called because of its ivory-like color and texture. Chris Brown brought in a case of his small fetish like carvings of Tagua nut. I marvelled at a walnut sized ram's head necklace. He also had done a mountain lion and a remarkable buffalo head. The detail in his horse's head astounded me. The horse's ears were laid back giving his mouth a formidable look. the detail in the carved horses teeth and tongue are indicative of Chris' talent with detailed carving. The talent one runs into at Big Bug Station in Mayer. A visiting Canadian shared her Northern neighbor stories with us and we all admired the workmanship of a Native American rug brought in from a nearby reservation. I noticed that not only were the gregarious among us enjoying the conversation, but also the more shy patrons were having a good time listening in.

I marvel at how hard "look we are your friendly newscaster hosts" work at making a tv audience tune in and fill the void of friends in the real world. All one really needs to do is find a local coffee house hang out like Big Bug Station to truly enjoy human company with its humor, wisdom, foolishness and fun a group of evolved monkeys can bring one. There is something special about this place in Mayer, AZ where you can get a complimentary coffee or purchase a pre-packaged danish or breakfast sandwich for breakfast. Our host Mike Connors is open and ready to meet you and share the history of this historic western town. I like my new home two doors down. I like that patrons at the Big Bug eventually call you by name. I like that if I want, I can just stroll around the spacious once upon a time dance hall and read Arizona history on its walls. I like being able to use the laptop there to check my email as the place has WiFi. It's fun to watch newcomers faces as they begin to let the charm of the place seep in. Nice, really nice.