Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wyatt Earp, Ghosts and New Friends

Whoa, the gypsy woman is settling into one spot for a bit. Just rented an apartment that once was a 1902 barber shop across from the old brothel in Old Town Mayer, AZ. Wyatt Earp used to stop there often. They sport a photo of he and his horse in front of the brothel. It has been hinted at that my bedroom used to be where the big tin bathtubs were that the cowboys and dusty travellers could buy a bath. The now bricked in doorway is perhaps where the girls from across the road would slip in after their clients washed off the blood, sweat and steer of the ranching trail.The town of Mayer is situated on Big Bug Creek near Prescott and was originally, as lots of tiny western ghost towns were, a stage station called Big Bug Station. My time in the outback of Australia over these last 25 years makes living in the metropolis of Phoenix a nightmare to me. So this sleepy little town only fifty minutes from Phoenix and twenty minutes from Prescott, appeals to me. Throw in the possibility that Wyatt Earp may have slept here, and whoa horsey, look at me the new cow girl in town! I even hear faint echoes of The Big, The Bad, and The Ugly 's theme song in my ears each time I enter my favorite hang out in Mayer, Big Bug Station.