Friday, December 14, 2007

Old Skull Pipe for Big Bug Station Owner

Drove to Phoenix to buy a carved wooden skull pipe from my sister. It was part of her husband's antique pipe collection. I had been promising our host at our complimentary coffee mornings next to the Old Mercantile Store on Central Ave. In Mayer, Arizona that I would get it for him. Mike is an avid collector of odd and/or old things....hmmm and that is reflected perhaps in his collection of people in the morning at Big Bug Station?

Mike's historic 1903 building on Central houses a few antique stores and a custom furniture store. The wonderful old wooden dance floor vibrates happy times when you walk on them. A couple of lovely women who are old time residents of Mayer area and veritable walking history books came into the Big Bug Station several days ago and I overheard, "I remember when one of the cowboys danced so hard he went through the floorboards. Now nobody can say those cowboys couldn't dance!"

I spent the rest of my complimentary coffee sippin' and thinkin' on that picture she painted in my mind's eye.