Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wells Fargo Express Stagecoach Stop Mayer, AZ

The Phoenix to Prescott stagecoach run in the 1880s stopped at a station on Big Bug Creek hence the name Big Bug Station. Big Bug Creek was the second largest placer gold producing area in Arizona. So the mind boggles at thoughts of what ilk those who were passengers were! GOLD! Starts my heart pounding right here and now.

This morning at Mike Connors' comfy neighborhood hangout, the old dance hall at Big Bug Station, I heard mention of a fellow that was seen strolling the streets of Mayer recently with a gold pan in his hand. Seems Mike stopped him to have a yarn and checked out the pan, gold by golly is what he saw. Little flecks of gold! I think I spoke phrases like, "Crikey" "Dad gum it" and "Shore nuff" for the rest of the day. See how easily one can slip into the feel of the Old West just with a freindly cuppan and yarn at Big Bug Station. Good thing noone sittin' there today had a plug of "chewin' tobacky" on hand!